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If you read this, it means Mary is inviting you on Her path to Christ.

One Heart is another initiative Mary asked us to do. Since we invited Her to our lives, devoted to Her, and gave Her all we have, we see that She took over and leads us. She made us tools to be used on God’s harvest. She started to give us the bigger and bigger tasks: renewing little parish community, organizing the First Saturdays of the month and rosary prayer of parents for their children, parish retreat preparing to devote to Mary, and finally the online retreat called One Heart.

“Everything for Jesus through Mary” – said st. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. “Woman, behold, your son!” (John 19:26) – by those words Jesus devoted humanity to the motherly care of Mary, making Her the spiritual mother of all people. “Behold, your Mother!” (John 19:27). Jesus gave us a great gift – His Mother. But do we accept it?

Mary usually makes the first move and takes the initiative. She appears and stands in your way. But there is also a second move to be made, and it is not any less important. It’s your move. Mary, send by God, is not enough. God gave Her to us as a chance to change the world. You have to act and go through Mary as a gate. Going through the gate of Her Immaculate Heart will make you like She was. You give Mary your heart, and She gives you Her Immaculate Heart. Saint Paul said that “God chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him” (Ephesians 1:4). God chose you to go through Mary’s heart. “My Immaculate Heart will triumph” – said Mary in Fatima.

How to gain the right to have a home in the Immaculate Heart of Mary? There is only one answer: by being Totus Tuus, all yours, Mary, like the one who as the first gave himself to Her with no limits, who shared His life with Her, who was obedient to Her – like Jesus. She will be Tota Tua, all yours, as much as you will be Totus Tuus, all Hers. When you are all Hers, She is all yours.

Join us on the path to Mary. She will lead you to Jesus.

How did One Heart start?

How is it done? Mother of God gives me an idea, I put things in motion, and then She takes things into Her own hands. I am only an initiator with a rosary in my hand. And this is how One Heart, the online retreat to devote to Jesus through the Heart of Mary.

I asked in my heart, how I, who knows nothing about tech and informatics, can coordinate that project? I can’t do it… But I gave everything to Mary, saying: “Mother, if you want this to happen, help me to manage all of it. Tell me what to do”. I gave Her my hands, my time, my enthusiasm. She led me and put on my path father Marcin Modrzyńki and a group of people with the skills needed to create this retreat. 

On November 29th One Heart started to beat, and we were amazingly happy that we could use our talents, and let God led us, so Mary’s work could be done both as an online retreat and a book.


Mary is the safest and the shortest WAY TO JESUS