When can I start the retreat?

Whenever you want. It is best to pray the act of consecration in Marian solemnity. You can use our information sheet to help you plan that.

How to begin?

The will to give yourself to Mary is most important. If you have it, then read an introduction and information about what to do each day.

Is the retreat free?

Yes, they are completely free. Our apps from Google Play or App Store are also free. If you use the book, then your only cost is the cost of the book.

Do I need to sign up?

No. Just pick your time and place and begin.

Do I have to read st Louis’s "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary"?

You should know it, but it is not obligatory.

Do I need any additional books?

No. But as stated before knowing st Louis’s True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary" is very helpful to have the full experience of the retreat.

Do I need to pray any additional prayers?

The retreat is complete. We encourage you to pray the mystery of the rosary of a current day, though. That will help to prepare your heart better.

I am not in the state of sanctifying grace. Can I devote myself?

You can. But we encourage you to confess and receive Holy Communion.

I live abroad. Does it matter?

No. Your location is not an obstacle.

What time of the day should I start?

Whenever you want. But it is good to start in the morning and not skip the evening meditation.

Do I have to play videos?

No. Our website offers a text version on conferences too.

Do I need a Facebook account to start the retreat?

No. You can access the retreat on your website and our YouTube channel.

How to consecrate myself to Mary?

The 33-day retreat will prepare you for that. You will find the act of consecration on our website in the “Downloads” section and print it. If it is possible, ask a priest to allow you to read the act in the presence of the Holy Sacrament and accompany you. It is good to light a candle. Then with an open heart, you can read the act of consecration to Jesus through the hands of Mary. We suggest signing the act after reading it to seal your consecration.

Do I have to read the act in a church? Can I do it at home?

A church is the best place. But you can also do it in the silence of your house. You can play the video with the blessed sacrament that we share on your website and then read the act.

What to do with the act after?

Save the signet act. You can frame it and hand it on the wall. It is an important document and will remind you about your consecration.

Can I devote myself again? Can I renew my consecration? When?

Of course. It is a good idea to renew your consecration and start the retreat again. We suggest doing it once a year. Although you don’t have to celebrate it so much when you redo it, you should still take time to prepare yourself.

I didn’t finish the retreat. What should I do?

You can continue when you started. But we recommend to start over, so you could fully experience 33 days with Mary.

Mary is the safest and the shortest WAY TO JESUS