The second birth – consecration day

In the Gospel of John Jesus talks to Nicodemus and tells him, that it’s necessary to be born again, and Nicodemus asks Him: “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” (John 3,4).

That is a very important question, and the answer is in Mary. We come to this world coming out of our mothers, then we live separately from them, and the second birth is entering the mother Mary, Her life. She is becoming the space we live in, so we are not separated by anything that is mine is Yours, Totus Tuus, Tota Tua. 

We have an umbilical that unites us in everything. We are like one body. This is a return to the original harmony. When Gospel says that we should be born again, when Nicodemus asks about it, a Greek word being used means “being born again” but may also, metaphorically, mean “taking someone to your way of living to transform him”. And this is the point of the devotion which we are finishing today. Mary takes us to Her life to transform us. So we could become like Christ. Saint Faustina prayed this prayer: “Jesus, please, transform me into You, because You can do everything”. Brave prayer. But if I believe that God is almighty. I also believe He can transform me into Himself. That is what we want to ask in today’s prayer by the mediation of the Mother of God. Now let’s pray the act of consecration to Mary.

Please, concentrate. Pray with your heart.


The 33 day time of preparation to consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary is coming to an end. Make sure this day will be special in a spiritual way.

Find time to attend the Holy Mass. You can offer the Holy Communion to thank for the time of retreat through the hands of Marry. If you can, then kneel before Jesus in the tabernacle after the mass and read the act of consecration. If there is a priest, you can ask him to accompany you.

Silence in your room can also be a good choice to read the act of the consecration. We prepared a few minutes video with the adoration of Jesus that you can play to pray the act of consecration.


You can play the video and look at Jesus or kneel before a cross or a painting of Jesus or Mary. 

You can do it in many different ways. The best option is to listen to your heart and see what it tells you. Don’t forget to light a candle. Pray with your heart!

(PRINT THE ACT – click).
You can frame it and hang it as a reminder.

Mary is the safest and the shortest WAY TO JESUS