is the safest and the shortest



About retreat...

One Heart is a 33-day online retreat that leads to devoting yourself to Jesus through the hands of
Mother of God based on the teachings of Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. See the video.

I encourage you to join – fr. Marcin Modrzyński


Why should you do it?

There is no shorter way to the Heart of Jesus than through the Heart of Marry. She leads you to the sanctity. Only She knows the way and only She received the grace from God to be your guide. Thanks to Her your heart will become like the Heart of Jesus. Devote yourself to Her completely is to put everything in Her Immaculate Heart and to become Her student and servant. It is also to take part in the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart that holds salvation for the world and the final victory.

St Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort understood this special way to God thanks to His grace. This retreat is an invitation for each of us to unite with Mary, and through Mary with Jesus, and through Jesus with the Father.


Duration and tasks

Every day for 33 days:

  • listen to the teaching or read it
  • make your daily resolution
  • remember about evening meditation

Do that to see how Mother of God transforms your life.


How to begin?



Here you will find video teachings for every day. You can also read or print them


You will find all the videos on the YouTube channel that belongs to a catholic magazine „Miłujcie się”.

Why should you do it?


The retreat changed me in an incredible way. It changed my attitude towards God, people, the world. My fear disappeared, I found inner peace. Oh, how I needed that! What the love of God does! Now I see how God acts in my love and I know this is only the beginning. I can reject my sins. I learned so much and started a new life (…)

[...] I receive answers to my questions about everyday life in the church. I gain huge inner joy from experiencing God and doing His will. Jesus is the only doctor of my soul and body and my salvation is in Him.
“Mother of God saved me from the trap of occultism”

This retreat is beautiful. They open my heart to Mary. I start to desire the devotion to Mary. I realized how unique and intimate Mary’s bond with Jesus is, the greatness of God’s love. During the retreat I experienced a lot of goodness, peace, and saw the light that helped me better understand myself and my life. I am thankful to God for this time to prepare myself and devote myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Mary is the safest and the shortest WAY TO JESUS